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LED Window Displays

Elegance, Flexibility
and Transparency at its best



Innovative hanging system for an easy and simple installation or when changing display orientation.


with 5000 LUX, it's the brightest lightbox in the market today.


Increase your advertising spend and reach by sliding your printed images into both sides of the display

LED Window Displays, Display with elegance

Real Estate

Show the best of yourself with Mustang Systems 24 V LED window displays to discreetly but elegantly display your listings. Mustang Systems North America offer easy and elegant LED window display systems to help you make your window more convincing.
Whether big or small, most popular sizes of Illuminated poster holders will find their place on your Real Estate Window DisplaysMustang Systems North America offers an innovative LED Poster Holder for your storefront windows.


Boost your image and increase your impact with Mustang Systems LED window displays. They just require a little time to be fixed and to enjoy a totally flexible space to display your Products. Mustang Systems LED window displays are made to last. You’ll be enjoying their input year after year without having to dig any deeper into your budget. Mustang Systems products are made to allow an easy fixing whether you want your LED window displays to be installed landscape or portrait with the same LED Poster Holder.
Mustang Systems North America will continue to impress you with its easy use and seamless design. With its uncluttered design, minimalist curved finish, this LED window display is the flagship of Mustang Systems product lines.


Your advertising will look professional in daylight and absolutely stunning at night with the Mustang Systems LED window displays. Our illuminated LED window displays results in a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing office space both inside and out. Mustang Systems LED window displays are illuminated by low-voltage LED lights incorporated into the edge of each frame.
The reversible orientation offers multiple configurations and arrangements thanks to its multipurpose landscape and portrait layouts. All displays sizes are reversible.
Mustang Systems North America ultra-thin displays takes very little space, they are only 9mm thick and its high luminosity 5000 LUX LED window displays, is one of the most luminous light box on the market.