mustang systems led poster2019LED Window Displays, Display with elegance
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Mustang Systems LED Window Displays has been designed with a specific purpose in mind, that of bringing your display to life, optimizing your communication and differentiating yourself through the increased visibility of your showcase.

This LED Window display attracts not only the eye, but also changes your customer’s perception of the display.

The brightness and design of the (24V) LED Window Display helps to increases ad visibility significantly.

The new mounting system of the LED Window Display has been simplified for ease of installation. Once the rail has been installed, the rest of the installation is easily and quickly completed. Mustang Systems LED Window Displays are “reversible” and can be mounted either in portrait or landscape formats. This allows you to scale your display over time without having to purchase new LED Window Displays.

Increased visibility

Mustang Systems LED Window Displays allow you to gain visibility, revitalize your showcase and highlight your window display while at the same time saving energy.

The LED Window Displays are double sided and are ideal for Real Estate Office Windows, Financial Institutions and Retail Displays.

Flexibility of your window displays

The installation system used with Mustang Systems LED Window Displays allows you complete freedom in terms of evolution and/or change. You can reinvent your window display by easily moving columns, adding panels or simply moving the LED Window Display.

Show the best of yourself with our 24V LED Window Displays to discreetly but elegantly display your advertising.


Martin Dubois
President / Owner